EZoo - 'Feeding The Beast'

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EZoo - 'Feeding The Beast'

A worthwhile collaboration.

Born out of a European Tour in 2004 as 'Electric Zoo', Dario Mollo and Graham Bonnet finally got around to writing and recording this twelve track album, which includes new versions of the Rainbow classics 'Eyes Of The World' and 'Since You've Been Gone'.

Full of titanic riffs and grand style vocals, this album is exactly what you would expect with a partnership between the voice of Rainbow at the peak of their success and the talents of Italian guitarist Mollo. Bonnet sings his heart out, and immediately on the first track 'You Are Your Wallet' we get a great guitar solo and flourish at the end. 'The Flight Of The Sapini' and 'Coda' are short-but-sweet guitar compositions that hark back to the days of Ritchie Blackmore, when everyone expected their guitar hero to indulge their flights of fancy and aspire to Classical composition.

'C'est La Vie' reverts back somewhat to a classical Rock song and contains an inventive super-fast guitar solo. 'Guys From God' has a "let's attack the shit out of this" attitude which is nice to see. 'Feeding The Beast', at eleven minutes long, is without doubt a highlight of the album. I never minded tracks that were longer than the average three minutes, and this one never gets boring. It's quite pleasing to see a "no rules" attitude, dictated not by economic concerns of a record company but instead by the imaginations of the artists, and this track contains some truly beautiful guitar. 'Colder Than Cool' features an unusual central instrumental section that changes the character of the song from a straightforward Rocker.

I enjoyed the updated production on the vocals for '...World', but while the new version of '...Gone' is nice enough, it's much harder to win hearts by covering such a much loved classic; after all, the original is one of the best Rock records to chart in the Top Ten ever. If there's any other criticism, perhaps the vocal melodies on the original tracks of the album could have been more inventive, but there's no arguing with the quality of the guitar work on this worthwhile collaboration.

Dawn Osborne

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