Kim Seviour - 'Recovery Is Learning'

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Kim Seviour - 'Recovery Is Learning'

An album that's as invigorating and thought provoking as it is rewarding.

It's been two years since vocalist Kim Seviour parted ways with Melodic Rock Proggers Touchstone, time she's put to good use by forming the basis of her first solo album 'Recovery Is Learning'. Teaming up with her old friend John Mitchell (It Bites/Lonely Robot and many others), the pair set about writing together on a long-discussed collaboration – all nine tracks on this release crafted between them – before Seviour became the first signing to Mitchell and Chris Hillman's new record label White Star.

The touch of Mitchell is unmistakable, his eye for a killer hook and beautiful melody strongly in evidence throughout. Where this album differs from most of his previous work is the clever way in which the pair have tailored the energetic but floating 'Connect' or shimmering 'Mother Wisdom' to Seviour's stunning vocal style, her natural delivery given the space to roam in the most organic way. Unlike many singers (both female and male), this is one lady who really knows when less is more and when more is the way to go.

The outlook is gently Progressive with keys, guitar and voice all allowed to explore and expand, yet what makes this debut so exciting is the memorable, almost tender nature of much of what you'll find. That said, the whip crack and soaring voice of 'The Dive' and energetic pulse of 'Chiasma' ensure that there's enough punch to proceedings; something achieved throughout and in a huge variety of ways, 'Call To Action' is the perfect mix of surging drums, cutting guitars and layered vocals, while 'Faberge' is the fragile beauty its name suggests.

Having battled with health issues before and during the album's creation, Kim Seviour's lyrics are personal, involving and while uplifting and positive, they certainly don't shy away from the struggles she and others face. Combined with the enigmatic music, it's a potent mix and once it really gets under your skin, it proves difficult to resist, although it's much more likely that you'll willingly succumb to an album that's as invigorating and thought provoking as it is rewarding.

Steven Reid

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