Hell Or Highwater - 'Vista'

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Hell Or Highwater - 'Vista'

An album you'll want to keep coming back to.

2011's debut 'Begin Again' illustrated comprehensively the talent of Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller as he stepped out from behind the kit to provide lead vocals on an album chock full of honest Punk-edged Rock and Roll reminiscent of his other band.

'Vista' continues that theme right from the opening bombast of opener 'Colors', however, unlike the "turned up to eleven" feel of the debut, there's ebb and flow plus a greater light and shade to this sophomore release.

Many of the songs on offer have a groove that's possibly more in line with Finger Eleven; 'I Want It All', 'Irrational' and 'Another Good Time' being prime examples. Standout moments include the powerful ballad 'Don't Hate Me' and the soaring atmospherics of 'Blister', a Hinder style ballad embellished suitably with Saller's throaty refrain.

'Vista' is a more thoughtful and nuanced record, in comparison to the debut, providing a more satisfying listening experience. It's an album you'll want to keep coming back to.

Mike Newdeck

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