New Found Glory - 'Makes Me Sick'

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New Found Glory - 'Makes Me Sick'

It made me realize that when it's done well, Punk Pop is a great genre.

If you want to feel old (well, older than usual) then just let it sink in that New Found Glory have been together for twenty years. Twenty bloody years! They've managed to survive the Punk Pop boom years and are another band trying to convince people that they're still hip, cool and definitely not old hat. The most surprising thing is that it doesn't really matter because when you release an album as enjoyable as this, hip and cool are just another couple of words no one even says any more.

'Makes Me Sick' is a very, very fun album that's full of bounce and hummable choruses. There's not a duff track in sight, from opener 'You're Jokes Aren't Funny Anymore' through to the closer 'The Cheapest Thrill', and several are so instant you'll think you've known them for ages.

Standouts include the excellent 'Party On Apocalypse', 'Call Me Anti-Social' and 'Barbed Wire', all of which have choruses that immediately wedge themselves into your brain and stay for a drunk dance party. The whole thing just takes me back to when I was just getting into the Punk Pop scene, discovering Blink 182, Bowling For Soup and all that jazz.

For me, 'Makes Me Sick' is a cracking record that can be played any time I feel a little bored or down. It may not be big or clever, but the sheer fun of it all has had me grinning from the first time I played it, even the calypso stylings of 'The Sound Of Two Voices', a song that neatly breaks the album into two halves. It made me delve into the murky depths of YouTube to look up all the old bands I loved back then. It made me realize that when it's done well, Punk Pop is a great genre. Lighten up and give it a go.

Alan Holloway

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